on weddings...

Remember back in the day when right after installing a computer application you'd have to go looking for the readme file to know exactly what you needed to do? I'm aging myself, smh... anyway, here goes.

I didn't get the hype about weddings until I shot one. 

That's all it took for me. The feeling of capturing all the joy, the tears, the speeches, the details, the scenery, the pervasive sense of peace that tends to descend like a comfortable cloud on the loved ones in attendance... I'm a fan.

That said, these galleries contain some of my favorite images from weddings I've shot. You'll definitely see my growth through the years, but hopefully you'll also get to experience some of the same wonder that keeps me excited about documenting these special days. For all the differences, there's such commonality when you distill the scenario.

Two folks stepping out and deciding to forge a union, a unit, a family all their own.

What's up with the galleries?

I've designed the galleries on the previous page for folks who are fans of love, potential clients, and lovers who want to revisit key points from their special day. Drawing from each day's collection of digital negatives, I've created galleries which allow viewers to feel my style of imagery.

With each wedding, I take immense joy in chronicling the entire process, each intimate detail.

These galleries are best viewed on a computer, where the images can be seen in sufficient resolution and detail.

"Vince, these galleries are intense..."

Yes, folks deserve the space to love and see it mirrored back at them by people they love.

Each gallery contains hundreds of images, and is set to scroll continually. If you click on an image, you can also use the arrow keys to navigate the images in fullscreen mode.

Glitches can usually be resolved
by refreshing the page (ctrl+R). 

So, how much do you charge, exactly?

I create custom packages for each client, based on their needs.

Each couple I work with receives a set of digital negatives that allow them to immerse themselves into the details of their day whenever they'd like. Many also opt for framed prints, wedding books, and/or folio boxes.

Please email me for more detailed information, including scheduling a consultation.

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