aspiring vegetarian. creative and night owl. bibliophile.
the thrift store is my safe haven.

i am a self-taught photographer whose primary goal is
to help people fall in love with themselves in the context
of the communal world around them.

i still haven't managed to wrangle words capable of expressing the utter contentment
that fills me when my eye is smushed against the lens and I'm chronicling beauty.
still, I'm thoroughly convinced that God has made us all beautiful
and I live to remind people of this.

meeting so many amazing folks while on this journey has been like discovering
buttercream icing on red velvet cake. i never imagined the layers of rich
fulfillment that would accompany this life work. i'm beyond grateful
to everyone who has allowed me to share in their special moments
and I look forward to continuing the adventure in the years to come! 

i'm also a huge fan of chocolate, caffeine, corduroy, contractions, alliteration, and
Smithfield hickory smoked thick-cut pork bacon.

while you might (wrongly) assume that these things aren't quite relevant to
this particular conversation, there are certain immutable facts
you should know about someone, ya dig? :)

lorem ipsum drop me a line...

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