allow me to introduce myself...

tl;dr: i am a self-taught photographer whose primary goal is
to help people fall in love with themselves in the context
of the communal world we inhabit. 


i'm an aspiring vegetarian, loquacious creative and night owl.
a strong INFJ with a sense of humor. reading was my first love,
the thrift store is my safe haven. determined to live my best life.

i consider myself a repository of treasure and memory.
i find refuge in run-on sentences, nuance, and self-care rituals.
i find life in safe spaces and causes for celebration.

i believe writing involves bearing witness to impermanence.
photography then, by analogous extension, is pure and mindful magic.
every moment is ripe for gleaning: approachable from varied perspective,
a different stance, a unique lens.

my first major love taught me the basics of seeing on a canon rebel xti.
i wrote poems in her memory and absorbed all the knowledge I could.

the next year, i was gifted a film camera by a mentor. he charged me with crafting a visually compelling narrative using still images, sound bites, and a liberal sprinkling of fancy transitions for an upcoming event.
enter a few dozen rolls of film and two months of interviews, culling, and splicing, arranging and rearranging elements of a cohesive narrative.

i created a 19-minute masterpiece honoring the folks who served alongside of me in that season of non-profit ministry, effecting quantifiable change in human lives and hearts. 

while watching the final product at a banquet, I sat transfixed-- my interpretation of events on display, my heart full. people had let me in on their process by sharing gratitude, honesty, their stories and in time-- their hearts.

gestalt was in full swing.
i felt like a tailor, a conductor.
truth be told, i still do.

fast forward ten years, and i  still have an unquenchable desire to inhabit the sweet spot betwixt creating custom experiences and documenting life. i struggle regularly to wrangle words capable of containing the contentment that fills me when my eye melds with the lens and I'm caught up in chronicling life as it unfurls.
i'm thoroughly convinced that God has made us all majestically unique.
i live to remind people of this. 

i never imagined the richly layered fulfillment that consistently accompanies this life work. i'd liken it to discovering buttercream icing on carry-out red velvet cake: the most beautiful surprise. i'm honored by all who've allowed me to share in capturing their uniquely special moments. i'm amped about creating and building with the folks i've yet to meet. 

i sincerely believe there's never a wrong time to document/celebrate/inhabit the life stage in which you find yourself. revel in the nuances. savor the simple things. stretch out on life's loom, and have your people call my people so we can take pictures while engaged in tandem processes.

lastly, i'm a huge fan of chocolate, caffeine, corduroy, contractions, alliteration, lowercase letters, the simple smiley face emoji and Smithfield hickory smoked thick-cut pork bacon dusted with peppercorns. while you might wrongly assume that these things aren't quite relevant to this particular conversation, there are certain immutable facts you should know about someone, ya dig? :)

much love and many memories,


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